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Marking systems. Glue Applicationsystems. Automation.

Office: 620144, Yekaterinburg, str. Hohryakova 104 - 315

Borries Marking Systems

Borries Marking-Systems produces machines and tools for direct, permanent marking based on the material displacement technology. Borries marking systems are used throughout the world by the entire automotive industry and its suppliers, the aerospace industry, machine manufacturers, the electrical and steel industries as well as in medical technology.

Borries company was founded in 1952 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The domicile of the company is now Pliezhausen, Germany. Although Borries is one of the largest, most innovative and high-performance suppliers in the marketplace, Borries have not sacrificed the valued attributes of a medium-sized company: Transparency and dependability, short paths and reliable processes.

The legal requirements on product liability and the related requirements for quality assurance mean that clear and permanent marking is of considerable importance.

RWS Techniks represents the interests of Borries GmbH in whole area of Russian Federation.
Office: 620144, Yekaterinburg, str. Hohryakova, 104, office 315
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